Contemporary Art Gallery Salon de Dahu of Hiratsuka Shonan Japan
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Contemporary Art Gallery Salon de Dahu
Hirohiko Hiraiwa
Hiroo Saito
Mizuho Imbe
Akiko Fujita
Ken Matsutani
Nature inspired free style of creation. The gentle atmosphere of his production embrace anybody. His elegant statue is a emodied. A charm of Matsutani's masterpiece is to make us consider where it is from.
CHASINGS Masanori Ishibashi
Mr. Ishibashi is an artist born and grown up in Chigasaki, who knows well and feels what Shonan is. Therefore the wind from the sea coast, its scent, and sunset glow is reflected and scattered in his masterpiece as an architype landscape.

CLOISONNE Azusa Hiraiwa
Azusa Hiraiwa, who produces her masterpiece from beauty of nature, as scooping tenderly and mercifully drips of water likely to transform like an isnpired motif of art.
The delight of Nature in exquisit four seasons is expressed and fullfilled in her masterpiece.
CHASINGS Shinji Kunii
Kunii's expression is a form of mind. His forms tells us what we have in our minds. Why we are born ? It tells what makes you so happy. It makes us understood. All are in his little art of drawer. What he pursue is a form of happiness.Therefore little sculpture of happiness.

FORMATIVES Kanako Aihara
She is good at movement art. Her art does not move but a wind make it move in the air. The placidity of Nature and innocence of Spirit are in her formatives. The artist is supposed to wish us dance and move more vigorously in the vast universe.

GLASS Shizuka Miura
POTTERY Shuzo Maruta

Salon de Dahu is a Gallery fostering Artists who love nature and devotionally create the Art of everlasting heavens, in the comfortable space and easy environment.

Salon de Dahu of Hiratsuka Shonan Japan



20-17 Sumiredaira Hiratsuka-shi Kanagawa Japan

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